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New in this version:

  1. Bugfix (workaround): repainting enabled go pause clear buttons.
  2. Tested under earlier JDK 1.4.1_01
    1. Fixed FrameSetup failure (max extent not respected).
  3. Reduced bar graphs
  4. Reduced all fonts.
  5. Removed bar graph backgrounds.
  6. Reduced firedog size
  7. better water drop graphics for firedog
  8. Reduced force arrow size
  9. re-synchronized force arrows with mouse.
  10. Grab bag is now sorted by mass.
  11. Relabeled play area’s ‘reset’ to ‘clear’
  12. Rewrote ramp so that model continues even after time is up, but no more data is collected. 
  13. Placed velocity readout under the time readout.
  14. Made in-graph readouts ignore the mouse (were obscuring mouse clicks from zoom buttons.)
  15. In graph readouts have shadows now.
  16. Graphs
    1. Removed vertical units label, since duplicated on readouts.
    2. Moved time ticks to y=0 axis.
    3. Removed bracket for y-axis ticks & labels.
  17. Extended data recording time to 30 seconds.

Remaining Features












Extremely Low Priority:


Also :

The ramp overheats very quickly.

After playing with this for awhile, I’m convinced that the Applied force slider should be in the tool panel rather than in the play area.  It’s not a control that’s attached to an object.  The man is very easy to move.   

Right now it’s almost impossible to see what’s happening on the graphs when all three are displayed.

                I agree.  Should we try to alleviate this?  Or should we optimize for 2 maximized graphs at once?

The lines and axis labels appear fuzzy on the edges but are clean on moving man. Is this an easy fix?

                Not at present.  I’ll better be able to address this when I know what screen resolution you were running at (I presume 1280x1024).