Schrodinger v0r8

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Low Priority

Normal Priority




  1. New Particles
    1. Neutrons
    2. Maybe Helium
  2. Proper units for everything.
  3. Add a “classical mode” in which small wavepackets are treated & displayed as classical particles?  This feature is under discussion.
  4. How to handle incoherent waves?
    1. Maybe easier with photons?

                                                               i.      Tried scrambling the phases, weird artifacts in wave propagation

                                                              ii.      Also, still get coherence in parts.

  1. Increased/user controlled decoherence? (last priority)



  1. Colors on photon wavelength slider:
    1. How to manage different colors at same time in high intensity mode?
    2. Should we leave an option to show photons as grayscale?  (How to do this?)
  2. Gun should do something graphical (oscillate, glow?) on rapid fire
  3. Add magnifying glass
  4. Ruler with changeable units
  5. Add 3d edges to wave area, detector sheet and (possibly) potential barriers & detectors.



  1. Add disable fade checkbox for high intensity mode, default is fade.
  2. Add a screen brightness control, so the user can see single particle detections in intensity mode.
    1. This should move smoothly into the ‘smooth screen’ mode.
    2. In particulate CCD mode, the dots should fade over time (maybe only in intensity mode)
  3. Fire button should be disabled after fire for single particle mode (until waveform is empty)
  4. Students may think that moving one of the sliders on the apparatus panel would affect a particle that was moving up the screen. I think it would be good to find a way to convey to the user that the sliders only affect the next object to be fired.
    1. Putting these directly on the gun may help.
  5. Reset doesn’t work properly.









  1. Increase Performance
    1. While there is no wave, avoid computations.
    2. Isolate magnitude computations (avoid repeats).

                                                               i.      Use a dirty bit.