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New In this Version:
1. Segregated Modules into Single Particle Tab and Intensity Tab.
2. Intensity Tab has a continuous screen (with fading)
3. Screen patterns can be saved.
4. Light waves can be collapsed now.
5. Adding a detector in the double slit experiment destroys interference.
6. Moved slit controls to the play area.

Remaining Features (each list in order of priority, high priority first).


  1. New Particles
    1. Neutons
    2. Maybe Helium
  2. Proper units for everything
    1. Handle multiple scales/zooming.
  3. When intensity mode (multi-particle) is on
    1. Disable rainbow representation (at least while split model is operating.)
  4. Automatic choice of wavepacket size (based on slit size)
  5. Add a “classical mode” in which small wavepackets are treated & displayed as classical particles?  This feature is under discussion.
  6. How to handle incoherent waves?
    1. Maybe easier with photons?

                                                               i.      Tried scrambling the phases, weird artifacts in wave propagation

                                                              ii.      Also, still get coherence in parts.

  1. Increased/user controlled decoherence? (last priority)



  1. Ruler with changeable units
  2. Colors on photon wavelength slider
    1. This could correspond with the looks of the waveform. (in grayscale mode)
  3. Better fire button.
  4. Gun should recoil on rapid fire
  5. Add magnifying glass



  1. Put a reset button in (or near the wavefunction area)
    1. Only visible when wavefunction is non-zero.
  2. Disable normal detector behavior in rapid-fire mode.









  1. Increase Performance
    1. While there is no wave, avoid computations.
    2. Isolate magnitude computations (avoid repeats).

                                                               i.      Use a dirty bit.

  1. Start in Grayscale mode