Schrodinger V0R5

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New in this version:

Added classical wave equation, still has problems.

Button for detection

Autodetect checkbox.

For rapid fire mode, in-phase gaussians are created.

Particle detection collapses wavefunction.

In intensity mode, adding a particle increments norm by 1, detection decrements by 1

Added Ability to delete detectors.

 Bugfix: changing color scheme while paused updates automatically.

 Fixed to work at low screen resolution.

Wave equation is used with photon gun.
Bugfixes for the wave equation.
Cleaned up the control panel.

Remaining Features:


  1. How to handle incoherent waves?
  2. Increased/user controlled decoherence?
  3. Slit walls are absorptive (non reflective)?
  4. Maybe add Helium atoms?
  5. Add neutrons
  6. Proper units for everything
    1. Handle multiple scales/zooming.
  7. Automatic choice of wavepacket size (based on slit size)
  8. When intensity mode (multi-particle) is on
    1. Set grayscale as magnitude representation.
    2. Disable rainbow representation.
    3. If any detectors active at slits.

                                                               i.      Compute two lattices (one per slit)

                                                              ii.      Show results as sum-of-magnitudes (non-interfering)

                                                            iii.      Compute the intensity pattern on the screen from this.

  1. Add a “classical mode” in which small wavepackets are treated & displayed as classical particles?  This feature is under discussion.
  2. Solve wave equation for photons.
    1. Initial particle
    2. Absorption.
    3. No dispersion
    4. This propagator should be activated when photon mode is selected.
  3. Add an artificial screen intensity mode (inflate probability, decrease norm decrement)?  This would be like speeding up time to see the specks hit the screen.



  1. Add magnifying glass
  2. Ruler with changeable units
  3. Colors on photon wavelength slider
    1. This could correspond with the looks of the waveform. (in grayscale mode)
  4. Better fire button.
  5. Gun should recoil on rapid fire
  6. Improve quality of resized graphics.



  1. Put a reset button in (or near the wavefunction area)
    1. Only visible when wavefunction is non-zero.
  2. Disable normal detector behavior in rapid-fire mode.









  1. Increase Performance
    1. While there is no wave, avoid computations.
    2. Isolate magnitude computations (avoid repeats).

                                                               i.      Use a dirty bit.

  1. Start in Grayscale mode