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New in this version:
  1. Implemented absorbing boundary conditions.
  2. Added CCD
  3. It’s vertical now.
  4. Added a rotatable ruler.
  5. Fixed plane wave
  6. Added high intensity mode.
  7. Added gun controls & setters

Remaining Features:
  1. How to handle incoherent waves?
  2. How to handle multiple detections?
  3. CCD detectors
  4. Increased/user controlled decoherence.
  5. Slit walls are absorptive (non reflective?)
  6. Add neutrons
  7. Maybe add Helium atoms
  8. Proper units for everything
    1. Handle multiple scales
  9. Appropriate choice of wavepacket size (based on slit size)
  10. How to get light (as Gaussian wavepacket) to go same speed independent of momentum?
  11. Particle detection at screen should collapse wavefunction (in 1-particle mode)
  12. When intensity mode (multi-particle) is on
    1. Allow only grayscale as magnitude representation
    2. Compute two lattices (one per slit)
    3. Show results as sum-of-magnitudes (non-interfering)
    4. Compute the intensity pattern on the screen from this.
  13. For bookkeeping in multi-particle mode, adding a particle means increasing norm by 1, detecting means decreasing by 1.
  14. Can a spherical wave be used? Or must we fire in-phase Gaussian particles?
    1. Preliminary results show cylinder waves to fail in certain circumstances.
  15. Add a “classical mode” in which small wavepackets are treated & displayed as classical particles.
  1. Add magnifying glass
  2. CCD detector graphics
  3. Ruler with changeable units
  4. Colors on photon wavelength slider
  1. Set wavelength.
  2. Set particle speed.
  3. Intensity control (how will this work if we require only 1 particle at a time in the chamber?)
  4. Controls for the slit.
  5. Ability to delete detectors.
1. Increase Performance