Schrodinger v0r15

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New in this version:

"Color Scheme" changed to "Wave Function Display"

Delete the "edit" button on the barrier (very confusing and probably not very useful to the general user.)

<>Bugfix: switching Wave Function Display while paused now automatically updates graphics.

Pressing the grayed out button no longer does anything.

Remaining Features:



Low Priority

Normal Priority




  1. Add Mandel Experiment
    1. Add incoherent mode?
  2. When a new electron or atom appears, it appears *above* the gun, so it is not clear that it is coming out of the gun.  It should start lower, or probably easier, the gun should be moved up.

                        -I expect student interviews will show no problems with this.

  1. New Particles
    1. Neutrons
    2. Maybe Helium
  2. Proper units for everything.
  3. Add a “classical mode” in which small wavepackets are treated & displayed as classical particles?  This feature is under discussion.
  4. How to handle incoherent waves?
    1. Maybe easier with photons?

                                                               i.      Tried scrambling the phases, weird artifacts in wave propagation

                                                             ii.      Also, still get coherence in parts.

  1. Increased/user controlled decoherence? (last priority)



  1. Screen controls should be in a panel labeled ‘screen’
    1. This is difficult due to problems in PhetCommon.
  2. Gun should do something graphical (oscillate, glow?) on rapid fire
  3. Add magnifying glass
  4. Ruler with changeable units
  5. Add 3d edges to wave area, detector sheet and (possibly) potential barriers & detectors.
  6. The wavelength and intensity controls should be moved further to the right on the "2 lasers" panel so they don't cover up the guns.
  7. When gun type is set to "atoms" the velocity control is still partially off-screen.  It's still useable, but not very pretty.



  1. User should be able to click and drag the red thing with the slits in it.  Shouldn't be able to move the position or size of the slits within the barrier, but can move the whole things around.
  2. "Slit separation" is normally taken to be the distance between the centers of the slits.  Therefore, for the separation to remain the same while the width changes, the width needs to change from both sides of the slit, not just the outside.





  1. Internal code for photon particle emission is quite ugly.
  2. Internal code for Big Red Button is quite ugly.




  1. Making slits visible/invisible destroys saved state of in-slit detectors in intensity mode.
  2. Dragging slits while classical propagator is running causes errors in the norm. (Wavefunction grows quickly.)