Schrodinger v0r14

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New in this version:
  1. Change title to Quantum Wave Interference
  2. Fire button should be disabled while wave exists.
  3. For photons, real & imag should be color coded as photon.
  4. Rename color display buttons.
  5. Put all slit controls on apparatusPanel.
  6. Rename Mandel to 2-Lasers.
  7. Make sliders to control slit parameters.
  8. Observables should be moved to a menu.
  9. Rename ‘y’ to vertical position.
  10. Swap intensity control & ‘on’ checkbox.
  11. Intensity control overlaps gun.
  12. Fade button should apply to both screen visualizations.
  13. Mandel: get rid of photon combobox.
  14. Mandel: add photon label.
    1. Colorized wavelength is labeled, so we’ll assume users will know this is about photons.
  15. Added fade for smooth display.
  16. Add screen controls to control panel
    1. (particle detections/average intensity)
    2. fade button
  17. Put screen controls in a panel.
    1. Very difficult at present (problems with Phet common).
  18. Tidy control panels.
  19. Add second laser graphic for Mandel experiment.
  20. Test at 1024x768

Remaining Features:


Low Priority
Normal Priority
  1. Add Mandel Experiment
    1. Add incoherent mode?
  2. New Particles
    1. Neutrons
    2. Maybe Helium
  3. Proper units for everything.
  4. Add a “classical mode” in which small wavepackets are treated & displayed as classical particles?  This feature is under discussion.
  5. How to handle incoherent waves?
    1. Maybe easier with photons?
                                                               i.      Tried scrambling the phases, weird artifacts in wave propagation
                                                             ii.      Also, still get coherence in parts.
  1. Increased/user controlled decoherence? (last priority)
  1. Screen controls should be in a panel labeled ‘screen’
    1. This is difficult due to problems in PhetCommon.
  2. Gun should do something graphical (oscillate, glow?) on rapid fire
  3. Add magnifying glass
  4. Ruler with changeable units
  5. Add 3d edges to wave area, detector sheet and (possibly) potential barriers & detectors.
  1. Add numerical readout to wavelength slider?
  1. Internal code for photon particle emission is quite ugly.
  1. Making slits visible/invisible destroys saved state of in-slit detectors in intensity mode.