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New in this version:
  1. Basic Model working (Cayley & Crank-Nicholson) (numerically stable, probability conserving)
  2. Basic Graphics working
    1. Grayscale in Real/Imag/Magnitude
    2. Phase coloring
    3. HSB coloring & inverse.
  3. Settable initial conditions.
  4. Draggable Detectors
  5. Draggable Rectangular potential barriers
  6. Double slit potential barriers.
  7. Slope potential
  8. Wavefunction collapse
  9. Expectation values for <x>, <y>, <px> (not shown yet)
  10. One-Shot detection.

Remaining Features:



  1. add plane waves
    1. coherent
    2. incoherent
  2. How to handle multiple detections?
  3. Multiple particles?
  4. Handle multiple scales
  5. CCD detectors
  6. Increased decoherence.



  1. Show collapsed particle as an image?
  2. Add magnifying glass.
  3. CCD detector graphics.
  4. Ruler



  1. Set wavelength.
  2. Set particle speed.
  3. Intensity control (how will this work if we require only 1 particle at a time in the chamber?)



1. Increase Performance





Larger momentum doesn’t mean faster particle?

Set momentum and expectation momentum are different.

Interaction with boundary is problematic.