PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

Sept 4, 2008


An online version of this report is available here.

Here’s a pie chart representation of the time distribution.


Eating & Exercise

·         Deployed 0.00.79 – 0.00.80

·         List of changes

·         Meeting with the E&E Team to make sure this is ready to be posted as 1.0 on tigercat.



·         Found and resolved problems with common string loading for older sims (with Chris)



·         Made “yes”, “no”, “OK”, “Cancel” internationalizable, and retrofitted previous implementation of translated Dialogs (with Chris)

·         We already have submissions for many of these strings as part of Phetcommon for several languages.

·         There are 20+ translatable strings for the File Chooser, and many others for the Color Chooser; we should probably pick and choose a subset of these strings for internationalization, if any.



·         Attended mandatory Discrimination & Harassment training session.

·         Removed extra source root from greenhouse simulation.

·         Attempted to solve blackbody-spectrum problem (later resolved by Dano)

·         Sourceforge is offline for maintenance, if they are not full speed when they start up again (or soon thereafter) we should change hosts.


Upcoming Work

·         Eating & Exercise (see Unfuddle & todo doc)

·         CCK (with John) (see Unfuddle)

·         Forces-1D

1.      Meeting after today’s PhET Meeting

2.      Recommendations from Wendy & Kathy & Noah before posting to Tigercat

3.      Robot Moving Company? New tab design?

4.      Port to piccolo + new charting library

·         Translation-Related Issues

·         Fix strings in all sims (based on Alex report)

1.      Get a copy of Alex’s strings from Wendy

·         Make translated sims available offline, need time estimate from Dano for required changes to website, some changes to build process

1.      If the changes to the build process are intensive, we may rewrite parts of the build process

·         Set up a workflow for (a) posting a candidate simulation on dev/ and (b) copying it to tigercat after it is verified