PhET To-Do's

Sam Reid

New Sims

·         see todos for e&e

·         new sim design for forces1d + the ramp + moving man from Noah:


·         migrate sims to phetcommon

                conductivity/semiconductors are on the list of sims that need redone but they are not very near the top. Unless there is new motivation that comes up, I'd guess it'll be at least a year.

·         See outstanding localization issues document

·         #741: Updates/Usage stats

·         Switch sims to CursorHandler2 (test and delete old implementation)

·         Cursor should be a hand over JButtons, slider thumb, etc.

·         Remove speed control from new moving man

·         #715 clean up clock control

·         #716 handle armed/disarmed for new clock controls

·         make sure performance is not significantly impacted in new clock controls

·         Set up a workflow for (a) posting a candidate simulation on dev/ and (b) copying it to tigercat after it is verified

o   may also entail changes to the build process

·         Retest and redeploy sims with name changes:

o   qwi --> quantum wave interference

o   fluorescent-lights--> discharge-lamps

o   waveinterference->wave-interference


SVN Related

·         delete account on sourceforge, remove svn data

·         add page to website (and update existing references) about how to get source code

·         remove branches and tags from svn



·         Make sure no more GPL dependencies

·         Make sure 3rd party licensing (copyright info to be distributed with binaries) is respected.  e.g. JASS


·         get VPN working


·         Work with dano to make translated sims usable offline

o   rename jars to sim_es.jar, etc.

o   If the changes to the build process are intensive, we may rewrite parts of the build process



·         note: should copy to in all sims, or new japanese submissions will make English sims unavailable (same issue for common strings)

·         Translate Swing strings

·         Find out what languages Sun provides for swing components

o   It looks fine except “reset” window.  See the second screenshot with Japanese “yes” and “no”.


·         trials with idx3diii or JOGL?

·         Search for software renderer for LWJGL, JMonkeyEngine or JOGL