PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

Sept. 25, 2008


An online version of this report is available here.

Here’s a pie chart representation of the time distribution.



·         Moved from SourceForge to Unfuddle

·         Moved changes.txt from SourceForge/viewvc/simulations-java to website/about

·         Started incremental Unfuddle SVN backup, running on phet server

o   Could be improved to post logfile, etc

·         Added links to top of SourceForge pages regarding development site change


Updates & Tracking

·         Feasibility test, see log file, see E & E sim here that sends tracking info

·         Discussions

o   what to do about permissions?



·         Investigate failure of test sim under translation utility, discover corrupt jar issue.  Redeployed CCK as 3.14



·         CCK 3.14 moved to main site with many fixes (3.13 was 11 months old)

·         Helped Kathy prepare screenshots for article

·         Work on Radio Waves to bring forward in phetcommon (with Chris)

·         Brought Motion-2d forward to phetcommon

·         Investigated 3d packages jpct and idx3diii


Upcoming Work

·         See list here