PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

September 24, 2009


An online version of this report is available here.

Here's a pie chart representation of the time distribution.


Motion Series

         Added 6 new changes, latest version is 1.03.42

o   Fixed: Prevent the chart from drawing lines "back in time" when pressing record in the middle of a playback sequence

o   Fixed: Chart text boxes should always show correct values, even after charts are full.

o   Removed all references to "work" in the work/energy tab of The Ramp, including graphs and bar charts

o   Removed the force graph from the work/energy tab of The Ramp

o   Renamed the "work/energy" ramp tab to "Energy"

o   Fixed the layout of the "Energy" tab to match the "Force Graphs" tab


Gravity Force Lab

         Minor fixes

         Posted on main site as 1.00



         Discussed preferred Font issue as part of #1765

         Feasibility tests for replacing motion/control-graph module

         Neuron sim, collaboration with John

         Density sim/3D/Piccolo, discussion with Jonathan & Chris


Upcoming Work

         Ramp simulation, see to-do list

         E&E graph should have record/playback, use Scala recording controls.

1.      Noah provided a mock-up, see email

2.      Rewrite this component in Java?

         Discuss MyCanvas layout implementation with Chris, John, Jonathan

1.      Still experimenting with it

         Posted sim dependencies, and sims for common libraries and a report for ramp in particular

1.      Decide which of these sims should be reposted, or whether we'd like to investigate the source code for changes before investing in repost + retest.

2.      Chris recommended making common text change logs available to testers

         Motion Suite: need to discuss Robot Moving Company games with NP

         CCK - new Physics implementation, testing and performance analysis (with Sam M)

         JMonkeyEngine/Xith /3dzzd/Flash/Papervision3d/Feng Gui

         Make it possible to redeploy sims with common changes without retesting the sim when we redeploy again