PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

Sept. 11, 2008


An online version of this report is available here.

Here’s a pie chart representation of the time distribution.



·         Used Alex’s notes for internationalizing constant strings

·         Many outstanding issues here

·         Started internationalizing File Save/Open dialog,

1.      needs more strings + generalization

2.      we should internationalize color chooser main strings



·         Deployed 1.17.17-1.18.00

·         Latter is on the website

·         15 changes this week

·         40+ changes since 1.17.00


Eating & Exercise

·         Version 0.00.82

·         Development team is fine tuning parts of the model



·         NSF Meeting, slides here

·         Collaborate with John on Installer Builder

·         SVN Tech Support for Dubson, Podolefsky, Blanco

·         Collaborate with John on States of Matter

·         Upgraded to latest piccolo trunk

1.      This will make it easier to contribute to and benefit from piccolo

·         CCK: Finished high priority issues with John

·         SVN: Run performance tests

1.      These performance tests suggest we should switch from Sourceforge

·         Made prototype for Play/Pause buttons, discussed with team,

1.      Next steps are here

·         Discussed 3D options with Chris

·         Discussed GradientPaint on Mac with Chris

·         Fixed qwi bug that prevented greek (and one other language) from starting up

1.      Needs redeploy


Upcoming Work

·         Eating & Exercise (see Unfuddle & todo doc)

·         Forces-1D

1.      Robot Moving Company? New tab design?

2.      Port to piccolo + new charting library

·         CCK: Post on main site?

·         Translation-Related Issues

1.      See outstanding issues here

·         Make translated sims available offline, need time estimate from Dano for required changes to website, some changes to build process

1.      If the changes to the build process are intensive, we may rewrite parts of the build process

·         Find out what languages Sun provides for swing components

·         Set up a workflow for (a) posting a candidate simulation on dev/ and (b) copying it to tigercat after it is verified

·         remove phetcommon branches