PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

August 6, 2009


An online version of this report is available here

Here's a pie chart representation of the time distribution.

This report covers July 22-August 5 (2 week period, subsumes last week's report)



         Posted 6 versions with 55 changes/fixes/features, latest is 1.03.30

         See the top of the change log for what's new

         See to-do list here, includes 40 issues (of varying complexity)

         Created stubs for Forces and Friction, started discussion about implementation here, mainly about differences between this and ramp sim



         Discuss some website issues with Jonathan & Wendy

         Discuss Polish translation problems with Marj

         Discuss PHtmlView implementation with Allain for piccolo

         Looked briefly at x3d, a 3d engine suggested by NP


Upcoming Work

         Ramp Simulation

         Motion Suite

         Force Law Lab


1.      Extensive testing (with Sam M)

2.      Performance analysis/set time step

         JMonkeyEngine/Xith /3dzzd/Flash/Papervision3d/Feng Gui

         Work on Wicket website with Jonathan