PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

August 30, 2007


An online version of this report is available here.

Here’s a pie chart representation of the time distribution.



·         Posted 19 revisions, click here for latest version

·         Posted lasers on main site

·         Bugfixes & cleanup

·         Added snap-to for energy levels

·         Added hydrogen-atom photon graphics

·         Improved startup time (and module switch time) by 1 second

·         Known Issues

·         Should we go to black background (2 hrs or so)?

·         What values should we use for new photons?



·         Removed 600+ unused files

·         Cleaned up usages of about Dialog

·         Other misc cleanup



·         Latest versions for MRI, also on main site

·         Added snap-to for both sliders

·         Added flashing destination energy level indication for match

·         Fixes & Cleanup



·         Added links to the About Dialog for opening the PhET homepage

·         Added a link to the logo graphic in the tab area

·         Rotation: Performance analysis and improvement (not posted)

·         Added build code to build an all-java-simulation JAR file.

1.      This also helps to identify unused code

·         Discussed social networking strategies

·         Minor bugfix in Moving Man


Upcoming Work

·         Rotation/Torque

·         Licensing issues/Meet with Kate Tallman

·         GUI for translation system

·         CCK