PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

August 23, 2007


An online version of this report is available here.

Hereís a pie chart representation of the time distribution.


I have switched to a part time appointment for the Fall semester.



         Click here for latest version

         Worked with John to simplify and generalize charts & record/playback

         Added profiling information (frame rate display)

o   Useful in other performance intensive sims as well?

         Performance improvements (on my development machine, 19 frames per second in version 16 to 37 frames per second in version 29)

o   Pretty slow on Dubsonís test machine, as of 1.03.28; version 1.03.29 hasnít been tried yet

         Worked with Chris & John to identify and resolve rendering issues; some of this work should be applicable to other graphically performance intensive sims.

o   Needs cleanup and generalization.

         Charts & data structures need some more work on refactoring

         More performance improvement is possible, but more difficult (highest benefit-to-cost ratio finished)

         Remaining Work



         Click here for latest version

         Fixed characters to stay on the platform during inner/outer radius change

         Added applied friction force model & graphic

         Aligned sliders in control panel.

         I think this now has all features requested in the design docs

         Some minor bugs remaining; e.g. subscripts on in-chart readouts should be removed

         Needs thorough testing


Lasers & MRI

         Latest versions for Lasers and MRI

         Increased threshold window for absorption

         Switched graphical indication from (target energy level flashes OR transition graphic flashes) to non-flashing representations.

         Changed legend items & tab titles

         Added pretty tabs to Lasers (cost 100kb, but I was able to remove 200 kb elsewhere, for a net decrease in download size of about 10%)

         Letís choose a consistent representation for a matching energy and use it in both Lasers & MRI



         Obtained permissions for spot from ITS

         Received translation for Japanese greenhouse

         Made full-field arrows fully opaque in Radio Waves

1.      Were other things also supposed to become opaque here?

         Discuss remaining After AAPT Ideas?



         Cleaned up code

o   Removed unused phetgraphics implementation, now using piccolo only

o   Cleaned up initialization for Japanese


Upcoming Work


         Licensing issues/Meet with Kate Tallman

         GUI for translation system