PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

August 21, 2008


An online version of this report is available here.

Here’s a pie chart representation of the time distribution.


Eating & Exercise

·         Deployed 0.00.71-0.00.77

·         See linked change notes for details



·         Patched sims on tigercat to ensure English translation can load on non-English machines.

·         Mixed results from translator/testers (1 success, 1 fail as of 8-20-2008, still awaiting more feedback)



·         Investigated possibility of using git as an svn replacement

·         Pro: Faster, smaller, ability to work offline or during server outage

·         Con: Poor support on Windows currently (though there is a CVS emulator), would need to manually post a public version (if we use Unfuddle hosting)

·         When I asked Unfuddle if their SVN server was as sluggish as their website, they said that their website is provably very fast.  I’m not sure how SVN speed would be.



·         Worked with John & Archie to prioritize and give time estimates for Unfuddle tickets.

·         Total estimated time is around 40 hours for all high priority CCK issues.



·         Forces-1D: discussed improvements with Noah.

·         Discussed translation utility issues with Chris regarding translation of common strings


Upcoming Work

·         Eating & Exercise (see Unfuddle & todo doc)

·         CCK (with John) (see Unfuddle)

·         Fix strings in all sims (based on Alex report)

·         Chris fixed photoelectric layout issue, should be deployed to dev, tested, sent to Sam M. and sent to tigercat; has this been done?

·         Make translated sims available offline, need time estimate from Dano for required changes to website

·         Merge ramp, forces-1d, moving man?

·         Look through license issues, make it easy for others to contribute annotations/images

·         Investigate ADA for piccolo?

·         Follow up on Russian wiki, see also here

·         Confirm no more GPL dependencies?

·         Make “yes”, “no” and other built-in swing strings translatable, are showing up incorrect on non-English computers