PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

July 9, 2009


An online version of this report is available here.

Here's a pie chart representation of the time distribution.


Moving Man

         Resolved barrier bugs and go/pause bugs in 1.24, posted to tigercat, see #1697


Force Law Lab

         Sim is about 15 hours old (of my time)

         Posted 0.01.04 here with about 12 minor changes (see link for change docs)



         Posted a testable version with new physics 3.17.08 and discussed testing with Sam M



         Tested JMEDesktop on Mac with Java updates, discovered JMEDesktop is still broken on Mac

1.      How about using an offscreen PSwingCanvas for rendering and using JMEDesktop for input events?

2.      Found a demo of embedding Flex components in 3D


Web Frameworks

         Configuration for local testing of Wicket, with help from Jonathan

         Test deploying Wicket to GAE here



         Discovered several phet videos online (16 or so), see for example:

o   CCK class

o   Soluble Salts

o   Faraday

o   Fourier square wave

         Tested JO's TestGUI

o   After JB verifies, this should be the new default

         Updated screenshot and thumbnail for Electric Field of Dreams, see #1654

         Collaborated with JB on animations for radioactive-dating-game

         Scala discussions and IDE testing


Upcoming Work

         Force Law Lab, see google docs here

1.      How to handle springs/spring constants for planets?


1.      Port scripts to Java

2.      Performance improvements, e.g. selecting appropriate time step

3.      Extensive testing (with Sam M)

         JMonkeyEngine/Xith /3dzzd/Flash/Papervision3d

1.      Discussing suitability of Flash for 3D, see #1705

         Continue model for density sim (object editor, movable scales, spherical objects, etc)

1.      Postponed until we know whether this will be java or flash

         Ramp Simulation, fixes and updates, including charts

         Work on website samples with Jonathan, including wicket

1.      including pricing for EC2 vs GAE vs other hosts

         Numberformatting problems in Moving Man/ar, see #1708

         Submit CM's notes to Eclipse Scala plugin team

         For details, See ticket report "Sam R: Report" here