PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

July 22, 2009


An online version of this report is available here

Here's a pie chart representation of the time distribution.



         Posted 4 fixes: latest version is 3.17.13

         Refactored voltage calculations to use new physics engine

         Refactored circuit model to use Java 1.5 features

         resolving #1737: Open switches give incorrect voltage (with JB)

         resolved #1736: Initial window size too large

         Need to decide on disjoint component voltage behavior; should it read 0.0V, ?? or -- or something else? Or we could choose a common ground (as is done in the physics engine).

         We'll still need to decide whether to halt the voltage calculation graph traversal for uncharged capacitors as we did for open switches.

         More testing (with Sam M)


Radioactive Dating Game

         Added object menu titles (with JB)

         Added pixel-hit detection to probe (with JB)

         Added sound (with JB)


Force Law Lab

         Posted 12 minor fixes and revisions, latest version is 0.01.12

         Anything else before interviews?



         resolved NumberFormatting problems in Moving Man/ar, see #1708 (with JB)

         work with MD to set up subversion/PBG


Upcoming Work

         Force Law Lab (anything else before interviews?)


1.      Extensive testing (with Sam M)

2.      Performance analysis/set time step

         Ramp Simulation, mainly including charts

         JMonkeyEngine/Xith /3dzzd/Flash/Papervision3d/Feng Gui

         Work on website samples with Jonathan, including wicket