PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

June 7, 2007


An online version of this report is available here.

Hereís a pie chart representation of the time distribution.


Energy Skate Park

         This version contains the recording & playback controls that we discussed on Thursday. 

         Nontrivial internal restructuring of the graphics.  I have tried to be thorough to make sure this didnít introduce any graphics bugs, but itís difficult to be certain about this; please let me know if I have missed something.

         Brief informal interview on graphics, time controls & usability

         15+ minor/misc changes

         Near completion of this draft


Interleaved Series

         Feasibility tests for adding correct layering to time series chart while maintaining high performance

         This is turning out to be more difficult than I expected; Iíll discuss different techniques for working this out with John & Chris.


Self-Driven Particle Model Tutorial

         Received permission from DSWeb/SIAM to add SDPM code to our repository, and distribute it with our license

         Added SDPM code to our repository

         Upgraded SDPM to latest jfreechart, piccolo & phetcommon

         Added an About Dialog to the title page, with credits.



         Tests for piccolo-jfreechart implementation, discovered related to interleaved-series above




         Minor bugfixes for energy histogram layout


Upcoming Work

         Rotation/Torque (with John)

1.      Time Series

2.      Charts

1.      Correct layering for data series

         Energy Skate Park

         Installer/Website issues

1.      Sam M and another client identified several simulations that are broken on the installer (but work on the main site).

2.      When the new website is ready, we should implement an improved (automated) mechanism for posting simulations on the main site, at this time we should rebuild & redeploy all (or many) simulations from the repository.In conjunction with the automated installer, this should resolve many of the issues above.

         GUI for translation system