Energy Skate Park Interview

User: Ingrid Reid

Interviewer: Sam Reid


1.       Character sometimes stops in space.  To reproduce this problem:

a.       Drag

b.      Thrust

c.       Release thrust

d.      Release drag

2.       Lots of exceptions (harmless) in energy (e.g. on Jupiter)

3.       Out of memory error

a.       Add bar graph, e vs. x graph, e vs. t graph, show path

b.      Change planet radio buttons & slider

c.       Thrust

d.      After about 1 minute, increasingly large GC hiccups, then out of memory error

4.       Bug: Readout for “show path” follows last point

5.       User tries to click on the clock icon (recommends removing it)

6.       Why can you “rewind” during record or playback?

7.       Auto-stop was very confusing to the user (several times)