PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

June 4, 2008


An online version of this report is available here.

Hereís a pie chart representation of the time distribution.


         Flash Launcher

o   For usage in the Translation Utility

o   Allows launching of translated flash sims offline

o   All Flash sims will need to be standardized to fit into this framework

         Discharge Lamps

o   Fixed bugs in layout for energy level diagram

o   Address window size issue for this sim and other non-resizable sims

o   Redeploy Discharge Lamps to tigercat

         Met with John to discuss sim architecture, profiling, graphics, transforms


Upcoming Work

         Translation Deploy task can be reassigned

         Fitness Simulation

1.      Prioritize recommended to-doís

2.      Decide when we should post 1.0 on the main site

3.      Shall we handle translations of food/exercise repository?

         Improvements for CCK

1.      Iíll start with high Priority first (as specified in Unfuddle)


         Lowered Priority

1.      Other teams have provided bugfixes for Piccolo, we should try to benefit from these/share work

2.      Bug regarding Save/Load in CCK

3.      Improve support for sim testing

4.      Build-Process (handle failure for out-of-sync case), with Chris

5.      Discuss translation of Flash sims, with Mike & Chris & Dano

6.      Improve versioning for Batch Deploy, with Chris

7.      Lasers lifetime sliders and ease of lasing (see email from Sam M)


Iíll be taking a couple of days of vacation in the upcoming week.