PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

June 25, 2009


An online version of this report is available here.

I've been out of town and away from email June 8-23.


Moving Man

         Started addressing the bug #1697, still needs a bit of work


Timesheet Utility

         Posted a version and information in #1696



         Identified a sign error in the capacitor model


Upcoming Work


1.      Performance improvements, mainly will be by increasing simulation time step

2.      Extensive testing

3.      Implement sign error fixes

4.      Port to Java

         Energy Skate Park

1.      Hide options and track menus

2.      Fix the order of units and numbers

3.      What is priority for the above?

         Continue model for density sim (object editor, movable scales, spherical objects, etc)

         JMonkeyEngine/Xith/Jogl/3dzzd (should I use the Mac laptop?)

         Remove buffering from PSwing

         Ramp Simulation, fixes and updates, including charts

         For details, See ticket report "Sam R: Report" here