PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

June 12, 2007


An online version of this report is available here.

Here’s a pie chart representation of the time distribution.


Energy Skate Park

·         Fixes for E vs. T graph

·         Experimented with renderers E vs. T graph (right click graph for options)

·         Fixes for record/playback controls

·         Fixes for “return skater”

·         Misc bugfixes

·         Near completion of this draft


Interleaved Series

·         Discussed correct layering while maintaining high-performance for nonscrolling time series graphs

·         Discussion with Chris & John; no quick & elegant fix so far

·         Need to decide tradeoff between:

o   Time spent to implement

o   Robustness, elegance & reusability

o    Runtime Performance

o   Visual Correctness (layering)


Ideal Gas

·         Fixed: "molecules stick to right wall and pass through left wall" bug in reversible-reactions module.

·         Fixed: sim fails to start sometimes (due to threading issue)

·         Internal restructuring of build information/structure

·         Posted to main site (all 3 related sims in English & Spanish)

·         What about “diffusion sim” aka Molecular Beam Experiment?


Moving Man

·         Finished internationalizing

·         Improvement of translation template

·         Produced a version that starts up with only position chart visible

·         Published Slovak version



·         Discussion with Chris and John

·         Handling of native character sets (for Slovak case)


Clock Control Panel

·         Internal restructuring



·         Cleanup



·         Embedded phet simulations in activities:

·         Other activities available here (choose physics)


Self-Driven Particle Model Tutorial

·         Added code & license permission to the repository




Buildable Source Distribution

·         Good time for a discussion of buildable source distribution?

·         Benefits and drawbacks?



·         Piccolo agreed with our “wish list”, and expressed interest to keep code consolidated rather than split, gave permission to write to their codebase


Upcoming Work

·         Bug in Piccolo drag handling

·         Rotation/Torque (with John)

1.      Time Series

2.      Physical model (with correct offsets in derivatives)

3.      Charts (with correct layering for data series?)

·         Energy Skate Park?

·         GUI for translation system

·         Convert Moving Man, Force 1D, Ramps to use new motion code?

·         CCK   

1.      remove old CCK, upgrade to CCK DC Only version after some small fixes