PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

June 11, 2008


An online version of this report is available here.

Here’s a pie chart representation of the time distribution.


Deployed Discharge Lamps 1.07 to the main site.

·         No apparent robust and low-impact solution for frame size problem

1.      This is a problem when running 1024x768 on Java 1.6 with a horizontal toolbar


Discussed Flash translation issues with Mike & Chris


Deploy Translations: fixed main class lookup problem that appears for sims that don’t have a flavor name equal to sim name


Deployed Fitness 0.00.36 – 0.00.42

·         Added drag and drop, with toolbox

·         Bugfixes

·         Internationalized food and exercise repository

·         Improvements for BMI readout

·         Best name so far “Eating and Exercise”

·         Added food pyramid

·         Added zoom buttons for chart

·         Started discussion with Noah P regarding this sim


Upcoming Work

·         Fitness Simulation

1.      Collaboration with Noah P

2.      Decide when we should post 1.0 on the main site

·         Translation Deploy task reassigned

·         Improvements for CCK

1.      I’ll start with high Priority first (as specified in Unfuddle)

·         Platform-issues

·         Discuss translation of Flash sims, with Mike & Chris & Dano

·         Lasers lifetime sliders and ease of lasing (see email from Sam M)