PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

May 31, 2007


An online version of this report is available here.

Here’s a pie chart representation of the time distribution.


Energy Skate Park

·         About 12 changes, from Keller’s reports (see change list above)

·         Added an “interview.jnlp” launch file, to select startup options

·         Upcoming discussion about record/playback with Wendy & Team

·         Near completion of this draft



·         Added vectors to play area

·         Abstraction to support torque ( & energy) applications

·         Fixes for graph cursor

·         Should the angle & angular velocity reflect that of the platform or the object?

·         Much of the remaining work here has to do with the record/playback and graphs. Aside from record/playback and graphs, I’m ready for some high-level coarse-grained feedback on this simulation.


Time Series

·         Collaborated with John to start improving timeseries & motion subprojects.

·         We’ll continue with this in the upcoming weeks.



·         Updated resource & string management for 4 more simulations.


Source Distribution

·         Discussion with Chris, John and phet team about a downloadable, buildable source distribution of phet.


Upcoming Work

·         Rotation/Torque (with John)

1.      Time Series

2.      Charts

3.      Motion

·         Energy Skate Park

·         GUI for translation system