PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

May 28, 2008


An online version of this report is available here.

Here’s a pie chart representation of the time distribution.


·         Lasers/Discharge lamps

o   Added Legend

o   Fixed “View Actual” button & picture

o   Fixed “energy levels drag off top of page”

o   Fixed lifetime readouts

o   Fixed range for upper energy level lifetime

o   Fixed name changes, posted on main site

·         Discharge Lamps/Qwi

o   Redeployed on main site with name change

o   Ready for redirects & deletion of old directory

·         Redirects

o   Discussed with Marj

·         Fitness

o   Started drag & drop

o   investigated change in fat % based on weight change

o   Latest development version

·         Localization

o   Set up batch deploy for localization coverage test

o   Batch deploy

o   Needs someone to go through and look for English or box-fonts.


Upcoming Work

·         Improve support for sim testing

·         Build-Process (handle failure for out-of-sync case), with Chris

·         Discuss translation of Flash sims, with Mike & Chris

·         Improve versioning for Batch Deploy, with Chris

·         Platform-issues

·         New bugs spotted in discharge-lamps

·         Fitness Simulation

1.      Prioritize recommended to-do’s

2.      Decide when we should post 1.0 on the main site

3.      Shall we handle translations of food/exercise repository?

4.      Choose a title (below)

·         New sim after Fitness?