PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

May 24, 2007


An online version of this report is available here.

Here’s a pie chart representation of the time distribution.


Energy Skate Park

·         About 40 changes, from Keller’s reports

·         Large improvements to implementation for Charts & Time Series

·         Several issues still under discussion.



·         Added a build task that outputs all languages & flavors, see for example cck

·         Added a build task that creates “translatable distribution”, see example zip

o   This allows clients to test their own translations

o   We should probably add a gui for this (to simplify for translators)

·         Standardized simulation resource locations

o   Still need to standardize simulations to use new resources loaders

·         Cleaned up internationalization files (example old version and new version)

o    the-ramp

o    energy-skate-park

o    reactions-and-rates

o    qwi

o    wave-interference

o   bernoulli

·         Philippe Peter submitted French translations for ideal-gas and balloons. He’s currently working on the sims in the “translatable distribution” example zip above.

·         Should spend some more time making sure localization files are up-to-date before requesting more translations.


Build Process

·         Collaboration with John to simplify, standardize and complete build process.

·         Added a build task to generate a list of simulations, flavors & languages

·         Added a build task to generate a “source distribution” (80 Mb) which users can used to download, edit and build simulations.

·         Added a gui for ease of testing simulation+flavor+language combinations.

1.      You can test this by downloading the “source distribution” above and running the build script

·         Added/improved some clean tasks

·         Performance improvements

·         Still need some work on build process:

1.      Sim flavors should have their own directories.

2.      increment build numbers

3.      identify repository id

4.      improve clean tasks (clean each language file)

5.      faster “build all” process?

6.      Improve “build source distribution” task, add version number, etc.

7.      Add task for “build binary distribution”

8.      Add task for “checkout simulation”, with task to create bare-bones distribution?

·         We need to discuss our source distribution before making it public.


Motion Sims

·         Started consolidating a codebase for usage by:

1.      Moving Man

2.      Force1D

3.      Ramps

4.      Rotational Motion

5.      Torque

6.      Moment of Inertia/Rotational Energy sim

·         This will contain common code to all these simulations, including physics and charts

·         Here’s a draft implementation for moving man using this library, rotation already uses this codebase.



·         Added a playback cursor.

·         Bugfixes for charts



·         Discuss Concord’s CCK?


Upcoming Work

·         Rotation (with John)

1.      Timeseries

2.      Charts

3.      Generalize all motion sims

·         Energy Skate Park (Keller’s recommendations)

·         Improve build system (with John)