PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

May 22, 2008


An online version of this report is available here.

Here’s a pie chart representation of the time distribution.


·         Localization

o   Converted many sims to use preferred fonts

§  Resolves problems for Japanese

§  Improves support for Arabic

o   Fixed font selection for option dialogs (JOptionPane)

·         Build Process

o   Improved support for deploying a batch of launchable sims to dev/

§  We’ll use this to test for translation coverage

·         Meetings

o   Met with John regarding piccolo/nuclear-physics

o   Met with Mike to discuss sim design

o   Discussed simulation units change with Chris

·         Unfuddle Notifier

o   Found a way to detect server failure and automatically recover

o   Let me know if you see any problems

·         Sim-Test

o   Improved code that iterates over all simulations and takes a screenshot

o   Used this to look for sims that don’t have good font support

·         Repository

o   Removed many instances and occurrences of former phet “phi” icon

·         Fitness Simulation

o   Internationalized

o   All identified to-do’s are here


Upcoming Work

·         Support for sim testing

·         Piccolo bounds bug, see #558

·         Platform-issues

·         Fitness Simulation

1.      Prioritize recommended to-do’s

2.      Decide when we should post 1.0 on the main site

3.      Shall we handle translations of food/exercise repository?

4.      Choose a title (below)

·         Reduced hours for another week or so

·         New sim after Fitness?


Sim Titles

·         Food and Exercise

·         Calories in Food and Exercise

·         Exercise & Eats

·         Eats and Exercise

·         Calorie/Fitness

·         Diet and Exercise

·         Exercise and Diet

·         Exercise and Foods

·         Eating and Working Out