PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

April 16, 2009


An online version of this report is available here.

Here's a pie chart representation of the time distribution.



         Work with John on updating Unfuddle email notifier metadata

         Investigated, tested, added caching for Jonathan's Unfuddle tool



         Meeting with John & Chris, discussed progress of betas

         Investigate incoming data for potential problems



         Investigated compiling Java -> Flex using this technique

         Discussed Flash software agreement


Natural Selection

         Discuss swing/piccolo with Jonathan

         Provide minor bug reports and bug fixes



         Resolved outstanding wave-interference bug on Mac, with Chris

         Ladybug: performance improvements and skip every nth dot

         Clean deploy/ directories and move changes.txt files up in every project


Upcoming Work

         Issues for IOM implementation, testing, deploying.

         Ramp Simulation

         For details, See ticket report "Sam R: Report" here