PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

March 27, 2008


An online version of this report is available here.

Hereís a pie chart representation of the time distribution.


Iíll be out of the office March 27-30 (Thursday through Sunday), with little or no email contact.




Special Relativity

         Literature search on existing sims that solve this problem

         Real Time Relativity

         Relativity Visualized

         Groups point out that Lorentz contraction is rarely seen alone, and indeed not the most striking phenomenon seen at relativistic speeds.Optical aberration introduces nonlinear effects.

         Initial 3D implementation of Lorentz contraction under JOGL and Xith3D scenegraph

         Decide whether we should handle optical aberrations

         Decide whether we should show textbook explanations for Lorentz contractions, or just show the simulation

         Make sure issues raised by JOGL are acceptable



         Met with John regarding piccolo/nuclear physics

         Discussed issues regarding PhetPCanvas, PLayer, coordinate transformations

         Greenhouse: Converted to new about dialog

         Deployed new translations


Upcoming Work

         Please see all my high priority issues in Unfuddle, mainly lasers and cck

         Continue investigation for special-relativity

         Literature search and initial design of immunology sim?

         Sorting out and prioritizing (non-cck) unfuddle issues

         Post new Lasers and Neon Lights & Other Discharge Lamps after Archie interviews (may also receive minor update requests)