PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

March 10, 2009


An online version of this report is available here.

Here's a pie chart representation of the time distribution.



         Started documenting differences between Java and Scala that have an impact on simulation design and implementation



         Investigate CVS server emulation on cygwin and Ubuntu, not working yet



         Integrate actual license content into repository and build-process

         Add license content to java simulations, including hyperlinks & images



         Added jar signatures on spot and tigercat

         Discussions regarding flex, scala, testing

         Prepare for alpha 2.0

         Ramp: started framework implementation & discussion of design

         Documentation and cleanup for Ladybug 2D


Upcoming Work

         Issues for IOM implementation, testing, deploying

         Motion series suite, including Ladybug 2D & Ramp

         For details, See ticket report "Sam R: Report" here

         See IOM Beta mini-milestone here

         Discuss Flex later today