PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

Feb 28, 2008


An online version of this report is available here.

Here’s a pie chart representation of the time distribution.



·         Added up email notifications

·         Automated

·         Project-specific

·         Sign up for your components.



·         Discussion

·         Setup and discuss Unfuddle tickets



·         Created a server:

·         Can be used for miscellaneous activities.

·         Runs on a laptop in F-1013

·         Runs Unfuddle notifications

·         Runs Hudson (continuous integration server)

1.      informs us of build & test progress

2.      Requires VPN



·         Bugfixes


Wave Interference

·         Added walls to sound and light tabs.


Upcoming Work

·         Translations—received 22 or so that need to be added and deployed

·         Rotation/Torque—what’s next?

·         CCK – organize Requested Features/Bug Reports, discuss priorities

·         Moving Man—Add “draw-in-graph to create” function.

·         Translation Utility—continue discussion with Chris.

·         Moving Man, Force1D, Ramp should use new common libraries

·         Website—make English version launchable from sim page (with Dano)


See also Unfuddle for detailed remaining work.