PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

Feb 22, 2007


An online version of this report is available here.

Here’s a pie chart representation of the time distribution.


Energy Skate Park

            About 7 hours of work this week.

Discussions with Erik Neumann

Collaboration with Dubson

  • Tested spline implementation
  • Discussed Lagrangian for offset center of mass computation


  • Added 2d mode to sandbox
  • Added editable splines
  • Particle is draggable


Look and Feel

  • Discussed with Wendy.
  • Investigated Liquid & Oyoaha implementations.
  • Implemented Liquid & Oyoaha for Energy Skate Park:
    • See: “Look and Feel” menu
  • We should discuss possibility of Java 1.5 before resorting to another skinnable l&f.


Repository Migration

  • Collaborated with John
  • Postponed due to a Sourceforge service outage.
    • Sourceforge said it should have been back by Feb 21, but today (Feb 22) status is still listed as “Unscheduled Outage”
  •  Process is more or less automated
  • We’ll try again Feb 24



Bounded drag handler

  • Bugfix
  • Added a test


  • Added QWI ruler to shared graphics code repository (for use in optical tweezers)


Upcoming Work (in order of proposed activity)

  1. Energy Skate Park

a.       Collaborate with Dubson to improve physical model

b.      Evaluate new physical model before working on any physics-related bugs.

c.       Track should bump up when beneath ground

  1. Collaborate with De Goes/Malley to convert source code repository to Subversion
  2. Collaborate with De Goes to improve simulation build process & isolate dependencies.
  3. Rotational Motion Simulation I

a.       Time series/playback

b.      Lots of minor user interface updates

c.       Performance enhancement

  1. Rotational Motion Simulation II
  2. CCK…



  • Continue spline physics reimplementation with Dubson?
    1. Discussion of cost/benefit?