PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

Feb 14, 2008


An online version of this report is available here.


Wave Interference

·         New version here

·         Added draggable Walls

·         Cross section graphic disappears when not in top view

·         All remaining feature requests are low priority



·         Soluble Salts crashed under Linux, fixed

·         Cleanup repository

·         Translations: added Swedish and German

·         Discussed Java Versions

·         Discussed Tracking Systems


Upcoming Work

·         What’s next for Rotation/Torque?

·         CCK

o   Organize Requested Features/Bug Reports

o   Discuss priorities with Wendy, Kathy

·         Add “draw-in-graph to create” function for moving-man.

·         Continue discussion of translation utility with Chris.

·         Moving Man, Force1D, Ramp with new common libraries

·         Make English version launchable on main site


See also Unfuddle for detailed remaining work.