PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

Dec 6, 2007


An online version of this report is available here.

Here’s a pie chart representation of the time distribution.


Moving Man/Forces1D

·         Rewrote moving man using new common libraries, functionality is at about 90% of the original.  Outstanding issues are here; many of these issues need discussion.

·         Started rewrite for force1d using new common libraries, outstanding issues are here, no need for feedback yet.



·         Latest version

·         Bugfixes

·         Internationalization

·         Added introductory panel for Rotation

·         Added partial-side view graphic

·         Prevention of out of memory errors (heuristic)

·         Layout improvements

·         Questions:

1.      Keep partial side view?

2.      Auto-Pan during record?



·         Investigation and tests for sim timing (with John)

·         Improvements for Thread clock



·         Centralize and generalize font API  (with John)



·         Bugfixes for translation page (with John)


Build Process

·         Discussion

·         John  will be adding some features to improve this process.



·         Discussion

·         Waiting for Unfuddle or Trac, for use in organizing its many proposed feature requests and bug reports



·         What’s the timeline for this?  Who should be in charge of setting up/moving svn repository?  Shall we do a small scale SVN test before moving SVN completely?


Upcoming Work

·         Rotation/Torque

·         CCK

o   Organize requested fixes

o   Bugfixes

·         Continue developing Moving Man, Force1D, Ramp with new common libraries, (with Chris/John)