PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

Dec. 18, 2008


This report is also available online here.

Here’s a pie chart representation of the time distribution.


I worked reduced hours this week, and will continue to work reduced hours until around January 23, due to vacation and academic responsibilities.


JAR generation

·         Fixed generation of JAR files, with Dano and Chris

o   Needs testing and minor integration with build process

o   Then old build process can be discarded



·         Collaborate with John to configure phet server


Sim Tracking

·         Discussions with Chris, Dano, Jonathan, see Unfuddle for details



·         Assist in configuring Marj’s environment to resolve a few problems

·         Discuss handling of name change with John

·         Discuss problem that JNLP are deployed for all repository flavors, not all tigercat flavors, see Unfuddle


Upcoming Work

·         Several tickets to verify and close related to tracking+updates

·         Language+Flavor Jar generation

·         Upgrading to Java 1.5

1.      Adding an in-sim message that says 1.5 is required

2.      1.4 bootstrap code

·         Motion series suite.

·         For full details, See ticket report "Sam R: Report" here