PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

December 17, 2009


An online version of this report is available here.

Here’s a pie chart representation of the time distribution.


Motion series

·         Done

1.      Reviewed NP’s interview notes and recommendations for motion series and started discussion thread

2.      Made 9 fixes, available in version 1.03.63

3.      Discussed how motion-series sims should be deployed, given that they are in different projects with name changes, See #1948

4.      Improved fonts & layout for force vector labels

·         To Do

1.      Thirteen issues remaining in to-do document

2.      How to handle sim name change? See #1948

1.      We should probably fix translation utility to support strings located elsewhere.

3.      Internal cleanup and refactoring for motion-series

4.      Moving Man


Unfuddle Notifier

·         Done

o   Identified the cause of unfuddle notifier outage

o   Contacted ITS to set up a Colorado-based account.

o   Identified a 250 relaying denied error

o   Looked into legal text for google and Comcast

o   See #2016 for details

·         To Do

o   See if we can get CU working

o   If not, look into legal issues in google or comcast



·         Done:

1.      Ported MyCanvas from Scala to Java as PlayArea, see # 1907

2.      Discussion of PlayArea

·         To Do:

1.      More improvements of PlayArea # 1907


Eating & Exercise

·         To Do

1.      Port motion-series controls to Java

2.      Avoiding work on E&E during code freeze

3.      Noah: What is the probability we will want to use temporal charts in this sim, possibly in the future?

4.      Implement changes as per Noah’s mock-up (see email)



·         To Do

1.      #1821 update piccolo

1.      Sims need re-testing with recent pswing changes

2.      PSwing needs improvements for removing components, #1874

1.      Any other fixes we want in before 1.3 release?