PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

December 10, 2009


An online version of this report is available here.

Here's a pie chart representation of the time distribution.


Due to dissertation deadlines, my only participation in PhET this week was email + meetings. All items below are to do items.


Redeploy all Sims

         To Do:

o   Finish all 2010 Q1 tickets

  Build all sims and post them on dev

  Code freeze, so no unwanted changes can creep in

  Sim tagging; if we do dont do this now, then we will have to retest all simulations later, or maybe could use the svn number as revision

o   Meeting regarding required sim-specific fixes

o   Handling name changes in the future

  Maybe can be done on server side



         To Do

o   Kathy: waiting for feedback on 2 cck issues #1909 and #1911

1.      Post CCK on tigercat

2.      #1888 notify folks when 3.18 is posted, Marj could help


Motion series

         To Do

1.      Add Go button left of slider

1.      Sim starts up with no Go button visible

2.      When the sim is paused and the user moves the slider or types in the text box, the Go button becomes visible

3.      Go button remains visible after becoming visible

2.      Add clear button in chart area

3.      Review issues discovered by NPs interviews

4.      How to handle sim name change? See #1947

5.      Moving man coming up next, waiting until a version of F&M + Ramp posted to tigercat before undertaking significant refactor

6.      NP: decide what the FBD sim should look like (if any), this will impact our decision about what to do with motion-series

1.      Split vectors when in point-of-origin mode


Eating & Exercise

         To Do

1.      Port motion-series controls to Java

2.      Wendy/Noah: Waiting for confirmation from Wendy on time representation in E&E snapshots. See email.

3.      Noah: What is the probability we will want to use temporal charts in this sim, possibly in the future?



         To Do

1.      Global font specification, see #1914

2.      #1821 update piccolo

1.      Sims need re-testing with recent pswing changes

3.      PSwing needs improvements for drop-down boxes

4.      PSwing needs improvements for removing components



         To Do:

1.      Chris: discussion of MyCanvas # 1907

1.      Better support for coordinate frames, see MyCanvas. Probably should port it to Java for discussion purposes. Is there already documentation somewhere about the flaws with existing system? How to handle screen model mouse events? Where is the ModelViewTransform2D?