PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

Nov. 20, 2008


An online version of this report is available here.

Here’s a pie chart representation of the time distribution.


Build Script

·         Rewrote build process in Java (used to be an ant xml/java hybrid), #691.  This should make the build process more:

o   Extensible

o   Legible

o   Debuggable

·         Still needs a few features and some embellishments, see #984



·         Started setting up our own server to host (see #983):

1.      backups (svn + unfuddle tickets)

2.      Unfuddle notifier

3.      Development area for website

4.      Continuous build+integration

5.      VNC

·         Assisted inspiresmart in setting up website working copy


Sim Updates

·         Fixes for temporarily locked Jar #949

·         Bugfixes for server-based updater code



·         Produced feasibility test for integration with AsWing



·         Fixed flipping-arrow problem in radio-waves

·         Investigated font problems in radio-waves

·         Eating & Exercise meeting

·         Wave Interference, make sure slits equal size (still needs work to make sure mid-bar is always centered)

·         PackLoader: investigated technique for reducing jar size in Java 1.5

·         QWI: fixed images for photon & neutron, need to post a version for testing

·         Discussed upcoming features for Eating & Exercise

·         Checked frame sizes for web start with new "java application" indicator, #953


Upcoming Work

·         See ticket report "Sam R: Report" here