PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

October 30, 2009


An online version of this report is available here.

Here's a pie chart representation of the time distribution.


Waiting On:

·         Kathy/Mike: comment on CCK AC + capacitor issue #1839

·         Wendy: approval to spend time on build process for removing jarsigner credential requirement (any developer), #1838

·         Wendy to delegate task of “individual-deploy” of #1850

·         Noah/Kathy/Wendy/Trish: triage of pre-existing to-do’s for motion-series (below moving man section)




Motion Series

·         latest version is 1.03.56

·         22 changes based on recommendations from Noah and Trish, see change log.

·         Getting ready for interviews on Friday



·         Provide anti-alias for jagged font text

·         Start separating model from view



·         latest version is 3.17.17

·         fixed e-e repulsion issue #1828

·         Made it so the switch graphic is shown as closed when loading a closed switch, resolves #384

·         Fixed: advanced wire resistivity slider starts at incorrect slider position, resolves #1842



·         Posted E&E with minor text changes on tigercat as 1.02

·         Submitted our branch of PSwing to piccolo, they adopted it with 2 minor changes in r863

·         Discussed batch vs individual deploy for resources like

1.      We’ll implement both

·         Discussed how to publish Young & Friedman sims

·         #1837 JDK moved on tigercat

1.      Posted a checklist of what needs to be done, consulted with Chris


Upcoming Work

·         The Ramp

·         Forces & Motion

·         CCK

·         Moving Man

·         Density

·         E&E graph should have record/playback, use motion series recording controls.

·         Better support for coordinate frames, see MyCanvas

·         Better tracking & documentation of sim dependencies and changes

·         Make it possible to redeploy sims with common changes without retesting the sim

·         Make it possible to deploy an exact version of a sim, could use git for this too?

1.      Should add a way to annotate tested versions, and test results

·         Publish sim models/approximations on web, as requested by Merlot

1.      Latex seems like the right medium for this if it has decent html output

2.      I’ve got a document somewhere about the CCK MNA model.

·         Piccolo

1.      #1821 update piccolo

2.      In RadioactiveDatingGameApplication 2nd tab, some bounds have NaN against Piccolo 1.3, and nothing renders