PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

October 15, 2009


An online version of this report is available here.

Here's a pie chart representation of the time distribution.



·         Our piccolo is a branch based on r390 (around 1.2.1), I’ve been looking into upgrading us to current version r720 (for 1.3), see #1821

·         Found 3 issues:

o   toImage missed composite bounds, fixed in #137

o   toImage uses a different strategy

o   in RadioactiveDatingGameApplication 2nd tab, some bounds have NaN

·         Helped Chris identify/resolve JSpinner problem on Windows for ReactantsProductsAndLeftovers


Motion Series

·         Resolved a few Mac issues

o   Discovered the missing slider track problem #1767 is scale dependent

o   Still have some global painting problems and focus problems

·         Added scroll bars to control panel where necessary

·         Organized to-do document

·         Should these sim replacements go to tigercat as 2.0?

·         Any issues raised by Trish’s classroom usage?

·         Anything else need to be done before interviews or tigercat?  Many of the issues listed in my to-do document are of dubious priority



·         Implemented dynamic time step (predictor/corrector method) for cck. 

·         Discussed tradeoffs of dynamic time step vs analytical solutions.

·         Analyzed 3.17.00 for how it avoids the oscillation problem

·         Fixed problem in changing background color.

·         Need to decide what’s next to handle RC circuits with R*C << dt and other problems where dt is too large



·         Added a test for jpct here, currently no textures, noninteractive, just to check base frame rate



·         Posted a scale-all prototype here, and commented on screen-resolution issue in #1822

·         Discussed high contrast options with Jonathan, identified JXLayer

·         Build process: worked toward resolving a problem that trashed svn working copy


Upcoming Work

·         Motion series, see to-do list

·         CCK

·         E&E graph should have record/playback, use motion series recording controls.

·         Better support for coordinate frames, see MyCanvas

·         Better tracking & documentation of sim dependencies and changes

·         Make it possible to redeploy sims with common changes without retesting the sim

·         Make it possible to deploy an exact version of a sim, could use git for this too?

1.      Should add a way to annotate tested versions, and test results