PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

October 1, 2009


An online version of this report is available here.

Here's a pie chart representation of the time distribution.


Motion Series

·         Added 12 fixes, latest version is 1.03.45, partly in collaboration with John

·         Improvements for the-ramp, forces-and-motion, moving-man

·         Fixes based on Trish’s recommendations before her classroom use


Moving Man

·         Posted updated version on main site as 1.26

·         Synchronize horizontal axes

·         Set chart to take up all vertical space by default, see #1782



·         Applied for IntelliJ license renewal

o   They granted us another license, and asked that we update our banner, see #1805

·         Worked with John on KSU installer

·         Improved support for stage area and transforms in MyCanvas (press S during Ramp Simulation)

·         Discussed 3D issues with Chris, Jonathan & Wendy over email

·         Posted Ladybug Motion 2D as 1.00 on tigercat, after resolving some bugs NP pointed out, see #1806


Additional Work

·         Updated scala projects to use Scala 2.8-style imports

o   all upcoming IDE support is focused on 2.8

o   Scala 2.8 beta should be out sometime this winter, right now IDE developers are mostly working with nightly-builds

o   I’m keeping PhET’s Scala code 2.7-compatible until there at least a 2.8 beta

·         Experimented with Eclipse plugin nightly builds

o   Many features missing, but able to edit, build, run, debug scala sims, some support for navigation

·         Did a full git checkout of phet’s svn (trunk + tags + branches)

o   Took about 4 days

o   Empty updates are about 2x as fast (15 sec vs 30 sec)

o   Full history stored on disk, easy to visualize

o   Easy to branch, could be useful if we use branches to support re-releases of sims with common changes

o   Easy to checkout previous revisions


Upcoming Work

·         Ramp simulation, see to-do list

·         E&E graph should have record/playback, use Scala recording controls.

1.      Noah provided a mock-up, see email

2.      Rewrite this component in Java?

·         Discuss MyCanvas layout implementation with Chris, John, Jonathan

1.      Still experimenting with it

·         Posted sim dependencies, and sims for common libraries and a report for ramp in particular

1.      Decide which of these sims should be reposted, or whether we'd like to investigate the source code for changes before investing in repost + retest.

2.      Chris recommended making common text change logs available to testers

·         Motion Suite: need to discuss Robot Moving Company games with NP

·         CCK - new Physics implementation, testing and performance analysis (with Sam M)

·         JMonkeyEngine/Xith /3dzzd/Flash/Papervision3d/Away3D/Feng Gui

·         Make it possible to redeploy sims with common changes without retesting the sim when we redeploy again

·         New JProfiler?  Copy of Flash?