≠≠≠PhE≠≠≠≠T Progress Report

Sam Reid

January 7, 2010


This report covers Dec 22-Jan 7.

Iíll be working reduced hours until my dissertation defense (early April/late March).

This report is also available online.


To discuss: #2076 putting sims as applets

††††††††††††††† This is not worth the effort for now.

††††††††††††††† Add something to the FAQ about how to embed JNLP link with a screenshot



††††††††††††††† Fixed speed issue during slider manipulation

††††††††††††††† Fixed layout of control panel so that vertical scroll bars donít appear by default

Contacted a Numerical Methods expert regarding time step too large problem in CCK; he suggests using an implicit method.Iíll work with him more after the 13th.


Self-Driven Particle Model

††††††††††††††† Tested that it works good enough for 2010 Q1 redeploy, created 2 new tickets


Created many unfuddle tickets based on bug reports and requests



††††††††††††††† Discussed with Kathy


Energy Skate Park

††††††††††††††† Fixed performance on reset problem, see #2042



††††††††††††††† Tested building and running a few sims against Scala 2.8 Release Candidate 6



††††††††††††††† Met with Wendy regarding code documentation


Reviewed and commented on NPís paper


Upcoming high priority work (see Unfuddle for detail):

rotationFix values and units for ladybug revolution

moving-man†††††††† Legacy moving man should behave properly after time is up

rotationAdd a slider to the torque graph on the Moment of Inertia tab

circuit-construction-kit†††††† Add a warning message to problematic CCK circuits


rotation needs to be resolved before 15th

moving-man can be done later


Extra Exclamation points in CCK, what is causing them?

††††††††††††††† Chris is fixing



         To Do:

o    #1909 Asymmetric capacitors during charging with r=0

o    #1839 High frequency oscillation when r=0

o    #1911 Charts cover up non contact ammeter

o    #1828 Electrons bunch up in pairs

o    Meet with mike on these issues


Motion series

         To Do

1.       Thirteen issues remaining in to-do document

2.       How to handle sim name change? See #1948

1.       We should probably fix translation utility to support strings located elsewhere.

3.       Internal cleanup and refactoring for motion-series

4.       Proposed solution for new versions of ramp & forces-1d & moving man:

5.       Update Forces-1d with a dialog that points to the new version, ramp too

6.       Ramp needs a new name #2054

7.       Moving Man



         To Do:

1.       More improvements of PlayArea # 1907


Eating & Exercise

         To Do

1.       Port motion-series controls to Java

2.       Avoiding work on E&E during code freeze

3.       Noah: What is the probability we will want to use temporal charts in this sim, possibly in the future?

4.       Implement changes as per Noahís mock-up (see email)



         To Do

1.       #1821 update piccolo

1.       Sims need re-testing with recent pswing changes

2.       PSwing needs improvements for removing components, #1874

1.       Any other fixes we want in before 1.3 release?