PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

Jan 31, 2008


An online version of this report is available here.

Here’s a pie chart representation of the time distribution.



·         Updated translation utility to deploy many translations at once

·         Deployed Finnish, Estonian.

·         Posted Chinese, Hebrew

·         Total 18 different languages appearing at least once

·         Discussed translating all Swing components (e.g. File Save dialog)

·         Problem in website/deploy prevents Hebrew translations from appearing by default.

·         Still needs minor work to streamline deploy-translation process


Flash Localization

·         Pavel Bohm (Prague) contributed localized version of wave-on-a-string.

·         We (Dubson) need to evaluate this and integrate it with our codebase

·         We can use this as a basis for extending the translation utility to work with Flash sims.

·         He said buttons are difficult to localize.


Translation Utility

·         Discussed with Chris about solving problems for translations:

1.      Translators should work on latest version of strings, not stale main-site copy

2.      Make it possible to view all translated strings (including common) when testing.

·         Added a utility “deploy-latest” which sends all built jars here.  May or may not use this in translation utility.

·         Still discussing best way to proceed.



·         Helped with hiring process.

·         Upgraded to proguard 4.1

·         Robert Kruhlak (New Zealand) finished work on evaluation-based masses-and-springs, should we (Dubson) evaluate and integrate this work with ours?

·         Geri Dow would like to volunteer.

·         Clients are starting to download Flash code, we (Dubson) need to clean up and make sure the right version is in SVN.


Upcoming Work

·         John’s resignation

o   Transfer of knowledge

o   Hiring process

·         Rotation/Torque

·         CCK

o   Organize requests into unfuddle

o   Bugfixes

·         Continue developing Moving Man, Force1D, Ramp with new common libraries, (with Chris)

o   Moving man basically complete, start on Ramps next, and use that as the basis for Force1D

o   Add “draw-in-graph to create” function for moving-man.

·         Generate better reports from Unfuddle/identify ticket times in Unfuddle

·         Convert translation utility to use latest version of all-sims.jar (discuss with Chris)


See also Unfuddle for detailed remaining work.