PhET Progress Report

Sam Reid

Jan 24, 2008


An online version of this report is available here.

Here’s a pie chart representation of the time distribution.


Job Applications

·         Evaluate applications

·         Interviews (2 on Tues, one more coming up Thursday)

·         Notify applicants?


Build Process

·         Cleanup build+deploy tasks, with Chris.

·         Needs more attention and testing.



·         Investigated broken installer builders



·         New Zealand client wants to embed in an online activity:

·         Identify problems compiling masses & springs.


·         Identified and resolved problem with launching flash (incompatible flash installer was linked).

·         Client is working to make it easy to generate random parameters for masses and springs outside of the application for evaluation purposes.

·         We should pick a single version to continue with (there are 3 now in sourceforge)



·         Deployed Greek, Chinese


Installer JAR sizes

·         While switching from “shared-jar” to “one-jar-per-flavor” paradigm would simplify the build process, it would increase the size of the installer substantially (10+MB)


Upcoming Work

·         John’s resignation

o    Transfer of knowledge

o    Hiring process

·         Rotation/Torque

·         CCK

o    Organize requests into unfuddle

o    Bugfixes

·         Continue developing Moving Man, Force1D, Ramp with new common libraries, (with Chris)

o    Moving man basically complete, start on Ramps next, and use that as the basis for Force1D

o    Add “draw-in-graph to create” function for moving-man.

·         Generate better reports from Unfuddle/identify ticket times in Unfuddle

·         Convert translation utility to use latest version of all-sims.jar (discuss with Chris)


See also Unfuddle for detailed remaining work.