A11y View: Kepler's Laws

About the A11y View Tool

The A11y View is a design and presentation tool that visually displays a copy of the descriptions we design for the Interactive Description feature. The State Descriptions (blue box) track the current state of the simulation. The Responsive Descriptions (orange box) deliver relevant changes in real time as they happen. Using this tool, designers can test and assess the descriptions during the design process without using a screen reader. Educators can also use this tool to see if the content of the descritpions meets their teaching and learning needs.

Please note: The A11y View is not for learners. In learning contexts, screen reader users access the Interactive Desctiption feature using the same simulation as everyone else.

Activity log of Responsive Descriptions

About Responsive Descriptions Responsive Descriptions are a combination of object responses, descriptions of changes made directly to interactive objects, and context responses, descriptions of changes to the surrounding context. Together, they are designed to deliver relevant changes in real time as they happen. The object and context responses powered by ARIA Live appear in the activity log below. The object responses for slider interactions are powered by the aria-valuetext attribute, and are found in grey text under slider interactions in the blue box.