UCB Haptic Output Beta Privacy Policy

Last updated: May 22, 2020

This Privacy Policy applies to your use of the UCB Haptic Output Beta app, and only the UCB Haptic Output Beta app.

In connection with your use of the UCB Haptic Output Beta app, NO personally identifiable information is collected. The UCB Haptic Output Beta app is meant to prototype vibration feedback used in educational simulations from PhET Interactive Simulations. As we strive to collect the minimum amount of information needed, we have determined that there is no need for the collection of personal data within this app.

To better understand the benefits and success of haptic feedback in educational content, some non-personally identifiable information may be collected while a simulation is open. This includes data describing finger position on screen, duration of simulation play, duration of play with individual objects in the simulation, and completion of success criteria within a simulation. This data will allow the app development team to gauge success and accessibility of haptic feedback, and improve on related features.

Some non-personally identifiable information is collected by PhET Interactive Simulations in order to ensure that the simulations are running correctly, and to report to funding agencies on the impact of the PhET simulations globally. Specifically, when you run a simulation, information is collected via Google Analytics’ standard web statistics services, with flags to anonymize the IP address and to prevent Google Analytics from using cookies. In addition, PhET records an IP-anonymized log message to servers that includes the following information: simulation name, simulation version, simulation language, timestamp, domain, URL, referrer, simulation type, type of device, and browser information. These statistics allow PhET to count the number of runs for each simulation, create reports on the usage of the simulations by language and country, and to distinguish app simulation runs from simulation runs on various websites.

We also have access to some standard aggregated data (e.g. sales, sessions, crashes) related to the UCB Haptic Output Beta app that is provided to app developers through Apple’s App Store Connect. However, we have NO access to any personally-identifiable information through this service.

If you have questions about this privacy policy, you may submit a written inquiry to privacy@cu.edu.