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    This week I posted a major revision of the Force1D Applet, adding a pusher, several objects to be pushed, and a free-body diagram.  Other major features are still missing, mostly dealing with record/playback and x,v,a plots.

Coefficients should range 0..2 so that users don’t get the mistaken impression that 1 is a max for this coefficient. DONE
Get rid of Applied force spinner in control panel. DONE
Sliders DONE
a.    Static friction
b.    Kinetic friction
c.    Mass
d.    Gravity
Sliders for Coefficient of friction, mass and gravity. DONE
Objects DONE
e.    Textbook
f.    Fridge
g.    File Cabinet
h.    Wooden Crate
i.    Sleeping Dog
Select an object, get its defaults attributes, but then modify them. DONE
Objects get taller, not more surface area. DONE
Man Graphic is leaning, not walking. DONE
Charts horizontal-axis needs “time” label, no arrow. DONE
Bigger font on walkway. DONE
Free Body Diagram abstraction
j.    Show mg and Fn, Ff and Fa.
k.    Skinny arrows
l.    No text labels (just abbreviations)
m.    No legend.
o.    and get arrows not to overlap so much
p. Colors match
An arrow points to offscreen man/block graphics.

1. FBD
    b. Subscripts.
    c. Correct scales.
2. In the controls, static coefficient should always be >= kinetic coefficient. Can’t Constrain JSlider easily.
3. Plots for position, velocity, acceleration.
4. Add Brick Wall option
Fix semantics for go-pause-clear.
Fix type-in box for applied force plot.
Chart buffering for speed.
Wiggle me.
Position and velocity recording
Set-up scenario, then press record.
Try ApparatusPanel2
In pause, events do not propagate to the view.
Graph colors are wrong.
Defaut values are too awkward, user should be able to create larger applied forces.

1. Sometimes a heavy object slowing down will make the force arrows (and forces) flicker.
2. Too much CPU usage (wrong rectangles getting painted.)
3. endPath: bad path every now and then.
4. Wrong title in jnlp.

1. Should the FBD be on chart-like axes, with tickmarks, etc... (to give quantitative results?)
2. Should the FBD be in a separate window?