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Changes & Fixes in this version:

Highlight text in box

and add a cursor

gains key focus when paused.

Add a label to the text box. (added a border.)

Fixed: Minimizing the Force graph, then deselecting checkboxes for each force doesn’t work.

Fixed bug: Slider doesn’t auto-resize.

TextBox: add a help item

Fixed bug: TextFields for other PlotDevices are shown at (0,0) (and should not be.)

Fixed Bug: Buttons don’t automatically change to reflect state changes.

Fixed Bug: The ‘press go’ button after dragging the slider isn’t appearing.

Converted buttons, etc… to PhetGraphics

Fixed bug: Adding barriers during recording has the wrong behavior on playback. (barrier checkbox is disabled on playback.)

Set simple controls to be default.

Set platform default look and feel.

Cursor now disappears when reset.

Playback cursor appears at inappropriate times (when there is no data.)

Apparently the FBD is taking up 18% of the application time (even when nothing has changed there.)

Remaining ToDo's

I need smoother .png files for the man graphic.

doesn’t run on a Mac.

When scale changes on chart, the slider moves over, but the title doesn’t (title gets overlapped.)

Hey, wasn’t the slider supposed to jump back to zero when you let go?

Low Priority

Sounds in playback.

Resize FBD in separate window..?